About Us

Generation2 was spawned with a thought to be a leader in unique gift packaging supplies and accessories.We strive to let the buyers create the most beautiful and personalised gifts, build their own brand, create coordinated packaging ensembles which are unique in every way.

GIFT SUPPLIES FOR EVERY OCCASION : Suitable for all the occasions, our online collection can add heartwarming feelings to your gifts. You can order from a wide range of our gift supplies for:

  1. Wedding favors
  2. Proposals
  3. Corporate events
  4. Themed birthday parties
  5. Grand celebrations
  6. Warm get togethers
  7. Any celebration
  8. Gift Hampers
  9. Promotional gift ideas
  10. Customised gift needs

OUR PRODUCTS : We understand that gift packaging is an art and expression of our emotions. Ranging from simple gift bags and boxes, to unique jute wine bags, we ship our personalised gift supplies across Western Australia. Our range of personalised gift supplies is for all the people who love to accessorise their gifts. Our products include, but are not limited to,

  1. Gift Boxes - Glitz Wine Boxes, Glitz Gift Boxes, Nested Gift Boxes, Glitz Posy Boxes
  2. Gift Bags - Glitz Gift Bags, Crystal Glitter Gift Bags and Sleek Embossed Gift Bags
  3. Speciality Gift Tissues - Sequin Sparkle, Shimmering Pearl, Granite Sparkle, Silken Hot Stamp and Silken Printed
  4. Eco Friendly Jute Bags
  5. Wine Bags
  6. Curling Ribbons
  7. A range of eco-friendly bags

OUR SERVICES : Our quality themed gift supplies are designed with a tinge of glamour, making even the oddly shaped gifts look the best.

  • Wholesale and bulk orders available
  • 100% low price guarantee
  • Cash on delivery available
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Trustworthy delivery services
  • Huge selection of quality gift supplies
  • 100% purchase protection

We have happy customers and we love everything personalised gift ideas!